Tesla under NHTSA investigation, Rivian eyeing IPO, atlatec offering live demo at IAA Mobility

Tesla under NHTSA investigation, Rivian eyeing IPO, atlatec offering live demo at IAA Mobility: August 2021 news from the automotive industry

Welcome back to the automotive industry news for August 2021! I hope you’ve been having lovely weather where you’re spending your summer – but if not (like in Germany), then perhaps I might interest you in a bit of light reading and a hot beverage instead. We’ll supply the reading of course – let’s get to it: 

Live HD Maps/Lane-Level Guidance Demo at IAA Mobility – via atlatecTesla under NHTSA investigation, Rivian eyeing IPO, atlatec offering live demo at IAA Mobility

We’re super excited to return to real-world events, starting as exhibitors at the re-booted IAA Moblity in Munich next week! To make things even better, we are offering a live, in-vehicle demo:

Together with our partners Artisense and NNG we will demonstrate how HD maps boost ADAS functions such as lane-level navigation/guidance, AR HUD style. Places will be limited, but you are more than welcome to let us know you’d like to reserve a seat – or drop by the atlatec booth A418 in hall B2 to inquire about ad-hoc availability.

Or, if you can’t make it to Munich, we are also running a joint webinar on the topic tomorrow, September 1 at 11 AM. 

Link to the expo page:

What Will Come Out Of NHTSA’s Tesla Autopilot Investigation? – via Forbes



Tesla under NHTSA probe after FSD-related crashes

Sadly, a Tesla using its “Full Self Driving (FSD)” or “Autopilot” system struck an emergency vehicle this month – the 12th time this has been reported. The incident occured right after the US NHTSA announced a probe into Tesla and its ADAS functions. As mentioned in this newsletter last month, Tesla is the only OEM not using HD maps for its hands-free driving system which, like LiDAR, Elon Musk has called “a crutch.” The article, wondering what the NHTSA probe might lead to, also takes a closer look at the background for context.

Link to article:

Ford BlueCruise Hands-Free Driving Still Has Catching Up To Do – via The Verge

Ford BlueCruise hands-free driving system

I thought I’d include this review of Ford’s new hands-free driving system, comparing it to GM’s “Super Cruise” because the two companies’ approach to Level 2+/Level 3 ADAS is so different from Tesla’s – as the article says:

“Both […] use high-definition maps of divided highways across the US and Canada to limit where their respective systems can be used. GM’s maps now include more than 200,000 miles of roads while Ford is initially limited to 130,000 miles although expansions are promised from both. If you aren’t on one of the approved roads, the systems simply won’t engage. While Tesla tells drivers that Autopilot is only meant for use in divided highways, it does nothing to prevent enabling the system anywhere.”

Link to article:

Rivian Files for IPO, Seeking About $80 Billion Valuation – via Bloomberg

Rivian eyeing 80bn IPO

In the electric vehicles space, Rivian seems to be eyeing an IPO – after already having raised USD 10.5 billion so far: Building a car company is a costly business!

The desired valuation of USD 80 billion seems like a moonshot at first, considering that Ford, as one of their invstors has a 53 bn market cap – and Rivian has yet to begin regular vehicle deliveries. But then again people were saying similar things about Tesla – and now they’re worth more than the next 9 car makers combined … Apparently the IPO is supposed to happen around Thanksgiving, so this will be one to watch over the next weeks!


Link to article:

That’s it for this time – see you in Munich, or right back here next month!

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