scenarios for simulation

Scenario-based simulation is quickly becoming a vital part of the development and validation of Advance Driver Assistance (ADAS) features as well as Autonomous Vehicle (AV) systems.

Whether you’re working on adaptive cruise control, cross-traffic alert or a Level 4 self-driving vehicle: Lots of modern ADAS/AV systems need to properly take real-world traffic into account – and so your simulations need to do the same.

Optimize your ADAS/AV system for real-world performance by using atlatec’s real-world scenario data for simulation.

Learn more about atlatec scenarios in this 2 minute video!

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Get better results with better data.

Optimize ADAS/AV features for safe performance in the real world through virtual testing:

Introducing real-world scenario data into your simulation/validation toolchain bridges the gap between virtual and real environments. The result is a more robust system performance before leaving the simulation stage.

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Run scenario-based simulation at scale.

Identify relevant edge cases and corner cases of your system performance based on real-world HD maps and traffic situations:

By leveraging atlatec's real-world scenarios and a suitable simulation toolchain, you can run millions of variations based on a few scenario data sets. This ensures you can identify edge and corner cases as they would occur in reality.

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Leverage the kind of scenarios that matter.

Pick and choose the environments and scenario types that matter for your requirements:

Taking advantage of atlatec's "scenario on demand" services, you can acquire scenario data as you need it: Merging highways in Japan? Roundabouts in Europe? Urban road networks in the USA? High speeds or bumper-to-bumper traffic? We record and produce what you need.

we support industry-leading simulation tools to ensure data compatibility with your preferred solutions


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