atlatec joined forces with TrianGraphics to Create 3D Visualization of San Francisco HD maps

A free sample data set is now available for download

Karlsruhe, Germany — Bringing the real world into autonomous vehicle/ADAS simulations while maintaining a high level of accuracy and fidelity is one of atlatec’s most important services in the HD mapping domain. Several months ago, atlatec GmbH partnered up with TrianGraphics GmbH, a German company that specializes in virtual terrain modeling and generation of 3D environments. The main goal of the cooperation was to take another step towards providing more realistic AV/ADAS simulation environments. As a result, a visual 3D model was created from atlatec’s HD map of Downtown, San Francisco. 

The model was designed based on real-world OpenDRIVE data that was acquired with one of atlatec’s sensor pods and processed for high accuracy and fidelity, allowing for very precise and realistic rendering of the visual environment. TrianGraphics used their flagship product Trian3DBuilder: a software that creates photo-realistic 3D terrains by processing real-world data. The distinctive feature of Trian3DBuilder is that modelling is conducted with a high level of automation while still allowing for flexible customization to meet individual customer needs and preferences (road signs, crossings, bridges etc.). 

The 3D models and textures can be used in various simulation software, allowing our customers to continue using their toolchain of choice when leveraging atlatec HD maps.

You can watch a video showing the visual representation of the 3D model below.

Our work with TrianGraphics resulted in a visual recreation of real-world HD map data acquired by our team. These 3D models allow for more comprehensive simulation of AV and ADAS sensors and systems, bringing them one step closer towards safety and reliability”,

says Dr. Henning Lategahn, founder and CEO of atlatec.

It is always a pleasure to partner with atlatec for such projects. Creating accurate real-world 3D environments is a smooth procedure when using Trian3DBuilder and HD maps from atlatec. Testing and validation of ADAS and AV systems can then be performed in highly realistic virtual scenarios“,

explains Stephan Kussmaul, founder partner and CEO of TrianGraphics.

Interested parties can download free sample data from atlatec website or from the TrianGraphics customer portal

About atlatec:

Atlatec Gmbh is a German company that produces HD maps for autonomous vehicles, ADAS, simulation, and localization. These HD maps come with inch-perfect accuracy and are currently used by autonomous industry leaders, automotive OEMs and suppliers in the USA, Europe and Japan. atlatec HD maps can be leveraged anywhere in the world and at any scale – from entire highway networks to a single proving ground track.

About TrianGraphics:

TrianGraphics is operating on the 3D and Simulation market and is specialized on the generation of terrain databases for all types of real-time simulations. Besides the service of terrain generation, TrianGraphics is developing the terrain modelling solution Trian3DBuilder, which has unique features for road generation. For more information please visit:

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