atlatec – a year at a glance

Looking back at 2020

As we are slowly approaching the end of the year, it is time to look back. Yes, 2020 has not been easy for anyone – we hope your friends and family are staying safe and healthy. We are deeply downhearted surveilling the distressed industries by the COVID-19 and lockdown regulations. We wish all the industries and companies that were influenced by the global pandemic a healthy recovery. 

Despite the restrictions, uncertainties and quite unstable business conditions, at atlatec we had an eventful year. So did the autonomous industry and we are blessed to be part of the innovative autonomous driving domain. In this open letter, we would like to share with you our highlights and hard numbers of 2020, as well as the activities that we were able to engage in.

We enriched our team this year with 11 new talented members who committed to our mission to deliver the automotive industry with high-definition (HD) maps. Additionally, as we aspire to be closer to our customer, we are thrilled to announce that atlatec expanded its global presence with the new opening of a representative office in Ann Arbour, USA.

Navigating through these hard times was never anticipated to be an easy journey, however our enthusiasm to deliver our mission “Your project, your specs, your maps” drove us to join forces with OEMs, Tier1 suppliers and robotaxi companies, mapping lots of new routes around Europe, Japan, and the USA.

Bringing the real world into your simulation now is even easier. This year, the atlatec team launched an OpenDRIVE HD map database. Via the platform car manufacturers and suppliers can instantly access a database of approximately 1200km of scanned routes from the USA, Europe and Japan. Our CEO and founder Dr. Henning Lategahn calls the database “Mapflix for Simulation”, as cost-efficient and easy to use as Netflix.

We are always looking forward to various industry events where we can connect with our partners and clients. At the beginning of the year our team was able to attend four expos, among which were CESAutomotive WorldMove LondonAuto AI. Thankfully, event organizers were proactive and rapidly reacted to the lockdown. The new format of the digital event allowed us to hold live presentations and connect with industry leaders online during AutoSensIPG Apply & Innovate, and VDI Conference – Autonomous Trucks.  

CES in Las Vegas was especially memorable for the atlatec team: For the first time we made the decision to demo our HD maps at a conference, giving rides to anyone interested around the exhibition area. It was great to be able to demonstrate how atlatec HD maps work in a real vehicle in Las Vegas. We hope to repeat this amazing experience in 2022! 

atlatec hd maps
Inside the vehicle visitors could see how HD maps from atlatec perform in real-world conditions.
atlatec hd maps
The atlatec team during CES in Las Vegas, January 2020

We are also glad to announce that in November, we added a new tool to our stack of supported simulation software: Cognata joined the ranks of atlatec-supported tools  such as Siemens PreScan, IPG CarMaker, Mechanical Simulation’s CarSim/TruckSim, Vires VTD, AVSimulation’s SCANeR and others.

2020 is also the year we released four new sample data sets from San Francisco and Spain in various formats (Lanelet2, OpenDRIVE, and a 3D model for Carla/VTD). Interested parties can download free data from the atlatec website and see for themselves how HD maps from atlatec work. We also encourage you to have a look at the recent Forbes article to learn more about the release of the sample data.

This year atlatec was nominated to Tech.AD EUROPE AWARDS 2020 – and won first place! We are extremely proud that our scenario database for AV/ADAS simulation became  a winner in the category “Most Advanced Real-Life Testing and Simulation Techniques in Autonomous Driving”.

Henning Lategahn

2020 gave us a lot of lessons and opportunities to reevaluate our lives and professional engagement. I am thankful to the atlatec team who showed their resilience and dedication during these hard times. I wish our partners, clients, and colleagues a joyful holiday season and prosperity in the upcoming year”.
Henning Lategahn, atlatec founder & CEO.