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November 2019 in Automotive Innovation

We’re back from another conference in Detroit (Tech.AD) and have picked up lots of interesting news items from our industry this month. Let’s get right into it; here’s some light weekend reading for you:

“Car Makers’ Electric Vehicle Plans – A Brand-by-brand guide” – via The Sunday Times Driving

Electrification is one of the major automotive trends these days – and it can be hard to keep up with the different strategies, models and roll-out plans of all the OEMs out there. This article is exactly what it says in the headline: a very helpful overview of what is going on at which brand and where they aim to take it. If you’re interested in EVs, you might see yourself returning to this one more than once!

“Engineering v Human-centric Visuals for Simulation”– via Cruden

When we talk about 3D maps for simulation, one of the important clarifications is whether they’re used for ADAS/vehicle dynamics simulation or in Driver-in-the-loop (DIL) systems – the requirements for both can differ quite a lot. This blog piece along with a sleep infographic by Cruden explains the differences rather helpfully.

“Volvo safety guru Lotta Jakobsson on AV crash tech” – via SAE

If we no longer have to drive ourselves – what will we do during car travel? Car interiors, seating positions and lots more might change dramatically once it’s no longer a set-in-stone requirement to keep your hands on the wheel. That, of course, brings with it entirely new demands for crash safety and the tech behind it. A glimpse into the future by Volvo’s Lotta Jakobsson that’s worth reading – not least for how she describes her work: “I’m an expert in how bones are broken.”

“Car OEMs See No Easy ADAS-to-AV Path” – via EE News

With Daimler’s announcement to no longer pursue robo taxis as an AV use case, there’s been renewed focus on the question how to get to L4/L5 autonomous driving: Can it be done by continuously evolving L2/L2+ ADAS systems (evolutionary path) or does it require completely different thinking and engineering (disruptive path)? This in-depth piece takes a comprehensive look at the question.

“atlatec Live Demo at CES 2020” – via atlatec/LinkedIn

This one’s about us: Our CEO Henning Lategahn made it public this week that we’ll offer our first-ever US live demo during CES in Las Vegas. To quote himself: “Whether you’re building AV algorithms, validating sensor models or work on simulation for ADAS functions: Discover how real-world maps can boost your efforts and take a ride with us in January 2020!” The article includes a link through which you can book one of the available demo slots. See you in Vegas, Baby!

If you have any remarks about the pieces linked above, please don’t hesitate to reach out! I’m always happy to have a conversation and remain available by email or on LinkedIn. Speak soon!

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Tom Dahlström
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By Tom Dahlström

As a business developer, I'm a "matchmaker" between atlatec's HD map/scenario portfolio and the needs of automotive and mobility companies in ADAS and AVs. I try to keep on top of market and technology trends and enjoy sharing with other industry stakeholders.

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