Automotive Innovation in April 2020

News from Zenuity, GM, Honda, Mobileye, Carmera, Volvo, Daimler Trucks and atlatec

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Whether or not the automotive industry is in a crisis, it’s not stopping major players from dropping rather interesting news this month. Here’s my overview of some items I found especially interesting in April:

“Volvo, Veoneer split Zenuity software JV” – via Automotive News Europe

Swedish Zenuity was started as a joint venture by Volvo and Veoneer; now it will be split up between the two again. Volvo aims to accelerate the development of autonomous vehicles and will take over those parts of the company while Veoneer will reportedly absorb the ADAS-related Zenuity business. Apparently it’s not yet clear who will be developing ADAS for Volvo Cars in the future – if you have any insights on this, I’d be happy to learn about it!

“GM, Honda partner to develop two new all-electric vehicles” – via CNBC

Inter-company collaboration seems to be a very popular trend these days. GM and Honda now have announced one of the more recent ones, aiming to jointly develop new electric vehicles. GM brings their battery designs to the table while Honda reportedly will design the vehicles which are supposed to be released exclusively under the Japanese brand in the 2024 model year. Also notable: Honda will apparently be using GM’s automated driving system Super Cruise.

“The Cameras in Your Car May Be Harvesting Data as You Drive” – via Consumer Reports

If you haven’t had a good discussion about data privacy in highly connected vehicles for a while, here’s a conversation starter for you. The article takes a look at Mobileye and Carmera to examine what kind of data is actually being collected in today’s production vehicles – and what happens with it. To quote a source from the article: “The problem is that currently there are no federal laws limiting the collection and use of that data, or even requiring clear disclosure of what is being shared, and with whom. It’s the Wild West out there.”

“Daimler, Volvo Trucks Team Up On Hydrogen Fuel Cells For Heavy Trucks” – via Forbes

To be honest, I haven’t heard much about fuel cell technology for quite a while. Apparently, there’s still lively interest in the commercial vehicle sector though: Daimler Trucks and Volvo are now consolidating their research in a joint venture – and, adding to the trend of collaboration, they’ve announced this JV will be open for other companies to join as well. Since there are still a number of companies working on this (the article mentions Bosch and Toyota), it will be interesting to see if this is the start of a new open development platform in the commercial vehicle space.

“atlatec – a startup from Karlsruhe is mapping the world” – via Automobil Industrie/Vogel Communications (German only)

Our CEO Henning was recently interviewed by a German automotive magazine. The interview focuses on the current impact of the Corona crisis and takes a look at how atlatec differentiates from some of the big players in the mapping sector. The site requires a free registration for access to the article (available in German language only). 

That’s it for this month, enjoy the read! As always, if you feel I missed something or if you have any remark, you can just leave a comment here or reach out to us on LinkedIn. Stay safe!

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By Tom Dahlström

As a business developer, I'm a "matchmaker" between atlatec's HD map/scenario portfolio and the needs of automotive and mobility companies in ADAS and AVs. I try to keep on top of market and technology trends and enjoy sharing with other industry stakeholders.

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