Automotive Innovations in March 2020

News from TRI-AD, DMP/Ushr, VW, Daimler, Waymo and more

This month has definitely been special for all of us, as we’ve entered uncharted territory – personally, as a society at large and as contributors to global business and the automotive market; all at the same time. I’ve decided to still compile this monthly overview and to focus on “regular” industry news: I’m sure all of you get plenty of information on how the Corona situation develops, from sources much more suited to speak on it.

So, if you feel like reading about something else: Here’s some pieces of news on innovations in automotive that stuck out to me this month – click the headline for the articles.

“TRI-AD and DMP kick off HD Map update PoC from April 2020” – via TRI-AD

I rarely link uncommented press releases, but I had a hard time finding independent coverage of this news piece. As someone who works for a mapping company I had to include this info, though: The Toyota Research Institute and DMP-owned Ushr are entering a PoC for automatic change detection and updating of HD Maps.

While TomTom and Hella Aglaia have piloted a similar case in Berlin before, this is definitely an area where there is still much to learn and discover, so we’ll absolutely be looking forward to the results of this pilot!

“Waymo raises $2.25 billion to scale up autonomous vehicles operations” – via VentureBeat

You might think that, as an Alphabet subsidiary Google’s spinoff Waymo has all the cash it might ever need for its mission to “build a safer driver.” That’s why their now-announced billion-dollar raise is interesting to me – it stands to reason that it’s very much about closer inter-company collaborations and strategic/technological partnerships, and CEO Krafcik hints at as much.

One of Waymo’s new investors is MAGNA – possibly the world’s only Tier1 supplier with a portfolio big enough to build an entire car by themselves. Maybe we’re seeing the first steps towards a proprietary “Google Car”?

“TuSimple, ZF partner to develop and produce autonomous truck technologies” – via CNET

Speaking of inter-company collaborations, this trend seems to be taking off in the autonomous driving space: The newest combo to announce pooling of their resources are Tier1 supplier ZF and 5-year-old TuSimple, which focuses on autonomous trucks. Judging from both parties’ statements, the partnership seems to be aimed at getting AD technology purpose-built for truck applications ready for production vehicle status.

“atlatec wins Tech.AD Europe award for scenario database” – via atlatec

This month, I have some news of our own to contribute: The delegates of Tech.AD’s Autonomous Driving Europe conference in Berlin voted to award atlatec first place in the category “Most advanced real-life testing & simulation techniques in autonomous driving” – thank you! You can see the case video, explaining atlatec scenarios and the role of our real-world road and traffic data for virtual validation/verification on our LinkedIn profile.

That’s it from me for this month – if you have any thoughts or questions, please leave a comment!

Stay safe

Tom Dahlström // atlatec

By Tom Dahlström

As a business developer, I'm a "matchmaker" between atlatec's HD map/scenario portfolio and the needs of automotive and mobility companies in ADAS and AVs. I try to keep on top of market and technology trends and enjoy sharing with other industry stakeholders.

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