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February 2020 in Automotive

Another month over! This one was rather travel-intense for me; and there was a lot to be seen all over. Here’s some news from the automotive industry that stuck out this February:

“Aptiv’s self-driving cars have given 100,000 paid rides on the Lyft app” – via TechCrunch

“But what about revenue?” is one of those questions that every autonomous ride-hailing service inevitably faces. And it makes sense: Technology on its own can hardly survive unless one can build a sustainable business model around how to use it. In that regard, ride-sharing company Lyft and self-driving tech company Aptiv have good reason to celebrate a major milestone, having recently completed 100 000 rides with paying customers on board.

“Autonomous vehicles undergo ‘reality check’” – via Automotive News Europe

Not everyone is in a celebratory mood, though: Traditional OEMs such as PSA, Volvo and Daimler have been hitting the brakes on R&D and/or marketing efforts as far as self-driving capabilities are concerned. This article gives a nice overview of which European companies currently take what stance on the issue.

“Hyundai taps EV startup Canoo to develop electric vehicles” – via TechCrunch

Just a few weeks ago, Lincoln announced it would team up with startup company Rivian to build better electronic vehicles. This month, Hyundai made it public that they’re joining forces with Canoo from LA, aiming to develop a new EV platform. I wonder if we will see more such collaborations between “the old” and “the young” as the year continues; it’s an exciting trend as far as I’m concerned!

“Tesla is Slowly Pushing Germany Into Recession” – via CCN

Here in Germany, the discussion whether Tesla actually is a threat to traditional, well-established OEMs is almost at least as old as Tesla itself. This article takes a comparative look at recent sales figures; the diagram for last quarter alone is very impressive (or alarming, depending where you stand). CCN also highlights the industry’s relevance for the total German economy, which is massive: When the CEO of BOSCH says things like “It could well be that we have passed the peak of automotive production”, it is probably a good time to revisit this discussion.

That’s it for this month – as always: Please tell me if you feel I missed something big or if you come across any insights into what should be included next month.

I will be packing for Tech.AD Berlin this weekend as atlatec is a nominee for the “Tech.AD Europe Award” – if you happen to be at the conference, too, I look forward to seeing you there! Otherwise, I remain available via email and on LinkedIn.

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