maps for systems & sensor testing

Every automotive-grade system and sensor requires rigorous testing in the real world. atlatec HD maps serve as ground truth data for your test routes: This makes for easy matching of your system/sensor performance with our HD map data, aiding in the precise identification of false positive/false negative results.

Leverage atlatec HD maps anywhere in the world and at any scale – from entire highway networks to a single proving ground track.


On-demand coverage of what you want to test, where you want to test it.

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Get the precise assets you're testing for.

Test any kind of real-world asset detection by taking advantage of atlatec's custom object annotation approach for ground truth/reference data:

Are you testing traffic sign recognition? A lane-keep assist? Traffic light identification? Every use case comes with different demands for ground truth data - we make sure to adapt our HD maps to be the perfect fit for yours.

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Enjoy compatibility with your toolchain.

Get the data you need - in the format you require. We provide data for a wide range of established test systems and offer integration support.

Lane border geometry for use with an OxTS/RT-Range system? Traffic sign classes and positions in a specific geo format/projection? We adapt our work output to the systems you want to use our data with - not the other way around.

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Use ground truth data for routes of any size.

You decide on the coverage, atlatec delivers: We cater to any project size from extensive public road networks to a single proving ground track.

You're set on a test track and want to know if it's a fit for atlatec HD maps? The answer is almost always yes: Thanks to our mobile mapping system, we can cover projects of almost any size while remaining cost-efficient.


Would you like to discuss how we can support your use case? We’re happy to talk!