HD maps for simulation

Virtual training and testing are vital steps in developing ADAS and autonomous vehicles as well as vehicle dynamics.

The goal of simulation is using virtual learnings to achieve a safe and effective vehicle performance in real life – which is why environments used in the virtual space should reflect the real world:

atlatec HD maps for simulation are digital twins of real-world routes, bringing the real world into your simulation environment:

A comparison of a real-world route and its “digital twin” for simulation, created by atlatec. Simulation tool used in this example is IPG CarMaker.

Get better results with better data

Maps for Simulation
HD maps for ADAS

Optimize ADAS performance for the real world by simulating in relevant environments:

Training a lane-keep/lane-centering system? Testing a traffic sign recognition algorithm? Any L1, L2 or L3 feature? atlatec HD maps get you the road data you need to optimize for better performance in the real world.

HD maps for autonomous vehicles

Leverage real-world maps to run the right simulations at the scale necessary for safety in AV operations:

Autonomous vehicles can require millions of miles of (virtual) testing. Make sure that every mile you drive in the virtual space is relevant for your L4/L5 ODD, by using real-world HD map data by atlatec.

Maps for Simulation
HD maps for vehicle dynamics

Optimize dynamics for highways, urban areas and other roads with 3D maps from all relevant domains:

Properly simulating the dynamics of the car or truck you are building relies on accurately reproduced road curvatures, slopes, banks etc. atlatec HD maps come with inch-perfect 3D geometry of all relevant features to ensure your simulations matter.

Maps for Simulation

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atlatec offers both mapping on demand services and a database of ready-made HD maps.

Our vehicle-independent technology allows us to scan roads anywhere you like, creating 3D models of the exact routes you want to use for simulation/testing. Or, if you want maximum coverage, explore our HD maps database for quick and easy access to ready-made HD maps from the USA, Europe and Japan.

we support your simulation toolchain

atlatec HD maps for simulation come at a custom degree of object detail. Whether you require lane borders only to train a new lane-keep assist system, a highly visual environmental recreation for camera simulation/ray tracing or anything in between: We deliver exactly what you need.

If you also want to leverage real-world traffic data for your simulations, make sure to check out atlatec scenarios for simulation.