maps for AV/ADAS production systems

The environmental awareness that comes from using atlatec HD maps on board of production vehicles makes for a safer, more redundant ADAS and AV performance:

HD maps are the difference between driving a route for the first time and knowing it by heart.
We deliver accuracy of 5cm or less wherever you need it: atlatec HD maps bring coverage of highway networks for the USA, Europe and Japan plus primary – tertiary roads as required.
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High fidelity à la carte.

Leverage our customer-specific level of detail to get exactly the HD map features you need - no more, no less.

With atlatec HD maps, your standard is our standard. The level of asset-richness in our maps is adapted to exactly what your ADAS/AV features need: No compromise on requirements, no premium costs for assets you don't need.

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Optimized for scale.

Save on costs by taking advantage of our low-cost approach to HD mapping on a global scale.

Automotive is a global, cost-sensitive business -and so is ours: We've replaced expensive, bulky surveying equipment with a lean, computer vision-based approach to HD mapping that uses low-cost hardware and scalable software. Learn more about how our technology works.

Created with Lunacy
Built-in map maintenance

Make your systems fit for the future: The atlatec map cloud is ready for HD map updates at scale.

Prolong your product lifecycle from the start: atlatec HD mapping services come with a cloud infrastructure that is ready for processing changes in the environment as detected by your sensors and systems.

Fully automated data processing and human-guided AI for annotation: The atlatec production process for HD maps is optimized for high throughput and short turnaround times.


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