maps for autonomous driving operations

Robotaxis, autonomous trucks, and self-driving shuttles: All of them use HD maps for localization and navigation.

atlatec HD maps allow for inch-perfect localization of your AV – both on public roads and in geofenced areas. The road semantics and topology embedded in our HD maps also allow for precise, lane-level trajectory planning in compliance with all driving rules.

Example of an HD map for rule-compliant driving: Road geometry/topology, right-of-way rules as well as traffic lights and signs are represented in the data.

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HD maps enhance operational safety

Use atlatec HD maps as a powerful, redundant sensor, providing exhaustive information about your autonomous vehicle's surroundings:

HD maps work day and night, and in any weather or visibility conditions - and allow you to know what lies behind a turn or a truck. Leverage this enhanced environmental awareness to anticipate any hazards before they become visible to your cameras, radar or LiDAR.

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Get a headstart with simulation

Make more use of your map data and use atlatec HD maps for virtual training and validation - exactly on the routes relevant for your ODD.

atlatec HD maps are not only suitable for map-based localization and navigation, but also for simulation: We can export your map data in multiple formats, allowing you to maximize its utilization in your value chain. Learn more and see which simulation tools we support on our simulation page.

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Map features and formats that work for you

With atlatec HD maps, you're in charge: Define coverage, data formats and which assets/object classes you require.

Our HD maps for autonomous vehicles are created to be a perfect match with your AV stack: You tell us what you need and we will adapt the map data to fit your localization and navigation requirements - not the other way around. Learn more about our map creation process on our technology page.

Maps for Autonomous Driving Operations

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Maps for Autonomous Driving Operations

Making autonomous vehicles real

Autonomous mobility is a massive challenge – and requires real teamwork between experts in research institutions, commercial enterprises as well as politics and regulatory entities.  atlatec maps are in daily use to make autonomous vehicle operations safer. Learn more about the research projects that atlatec is a part of on our R & D Page.