How much do atlatec HD maps cost?

Pricing for our HD maps depends mostly on four factors:

  1. What is the desired coverage – are we looking at 40 km or 4000 km? The cost per kilometer is lower for larger routes, due to fixed base efforts for each project.
  2. How complex is the route to be mapped (urban/highway/mix)? The easiest way to get a specific answer is usually for you to tell us which specific routes you’d like mapped.
  3. What is the desired degree of map fidelity/annotation detail? We can include a varying number of object classes, depending on your project requirements to make sure you only pay for what you need.
  4. Which data format(s) would you like to receive your map in? Since map data formats sometimes differ considerably, it may be necessary to perform certain portions of the production process multiple times, in different ways. You can see a selection of supported map formats in the article below.

    We’ll be happy to discuss your needs in more detail – feel free to book a meeting with us!

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