Does atlatec offer updates for HD maps?

Yes, we do! Depending on your use case and requirements for update turnaround times, there are different options available.

We offer both “soft updates” that can be performed by editing already collected data (e. g. changing a speed limit, temporarily disabling a lane or updating right-of-way rules) as well as “hard updates” which require a re-scan of parts of your route (e. g. after roadworks/construction).

For soft updates, we connect you to our map cloud where you can easily submit precise change requests which our team processes within a week or within 24h if required. For hard updates, options differ depending on your specific use case: There are a number of factors to consider for us to make you a suitable offer. We’re definitely happy to have that conversation, though:

To see how our update services can serve your project, simply schedule a call with us!

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