atlatec OpenDRIVE HD map database

Bring the real world into your simulation today with atlatec’s ready-to-use OpenDRIVE HD map database.

Cut down on delivery times and budget demands for HD maps: The atlatec OpenDRIVE database gives you quick and easy access to hundreds of kilometers of real-world HD maps.

Leveraging off-the-shelf data and a subscription model for simulation at any scale, we can offer you these data sets at a much lower price point than HD maps created on demand.

Getting 3D maps into simulation is no longer cumbersome and expensive. Discover the atlatec HD map database: available for use with any OpenDRIVE-compatible toolchain and including integration support by our simulation engineers if you want it.

boost your AV/ADAS simulation and testing today

With our digital twins your virtual test environments become as random as the real world. Simulation results will be more relevant and system boundaries surface quicker. atlatec HD maps are compatible with the majority of simulation software. Check out our partners to learn more.

choose between the model that best suits your needs

Light Version

Get access to 250 kilometers of OpenDRIVE HD maps, containing lane geometry/topology and speed limit signs.

Coverage includes routes from the USA, Europe and Japan.

Full Version

Fully leverage 1250 kilometers of richly annotated OpenDRIVE HD maps.

Coverage includes routes from the USA, Europe and Japan.

An atlatec simulation engineer will assist with integration of the road data into your environment.

Combine your OpenDRIVE database with our mapping on demand services to include specific routes anywhere in the world – or add real-world traffic data with atlatec scenarios.

Learn more about how to integrate the atlatec map database into your simulation toolchain.

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