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We are a growing team of 40 people (most of us engineers), working on high definition 3D mapping technology for global car makers and their suppliers. If you’re looking for a position with lots of personal autonomy and are interested in automotive technologies like autonomous driving and advanced driver assistance systems, you’ll fit right in. Find your next job among our current openings:

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We’re an international team with 18 nationalities between our 40 members. German, English, Japanese and other languages are in constant mix in our offices and we like it that way - so don't worry if you're not a native German speaker.

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We are a team of confident, pro-active people. The freedom to design the way you work here comes with the responsibility for actually doing so: We expect you to bring your own ideas and expertise to the table, challenge assumptions and optimize for the best outcome rather than checking off to do lists. If you prefer strict instructions and supervision, atlatec might not be the right fit for you.

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We remain flexible. As a 7 year old company, we've had our share of successful ideas as well as pivots and lessons learned. We are constantly in touch with automotive companies, research institutions and software/hardware providers to see where the market is going: Embracing customers' needs and technological advancements, we are always changing our tech and processes to stay ahead of times. Maybe the next change will be inspired by you!

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We believe in personal autonomy. We care about the expertise you bring, the work you do and whether you’re a good addition to our company culture. We do not bother ourselves or you by monitoring work hours or other micro-management metrics: If atlatec is the right fit for you, we trust that you will do your best work here.

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We are a tech-driven company. Working on HD maps for autonomous vehicles and similar projects makes for pretty “cutting edge” stuff. atlatec was founded because that's what we wanted to pursue, and we still like to explore new applications for technology: Working in a relatively young field, there's lots left to be discovered!

Our home base is Karlsruhe, in Southern Germany. While we value the ability to meet face to face, we are open to other ways of collaborating if you cannot join us physically (i. e. remote working). Let us know what would work for you!

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