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Who we are

We are a German-born HD mapping company, working for international car makers and their suppliers. Our maps are used for the development of ADAS/AV systems as well as in R&D projects in the USA, Europe and Japan.

Both our technology and the company itself are built for the long run, with scalability in mind: We are entirely revenue-financed from day one, which gives us the freedom to focus exclusively on our clients – and their work on shaping the automotive and mobility solutions of tomorrow.

In short: We are here to stay – and we hope you are, too!

Our origins

When our CEO Henning Lategahn finished his PhD after studies at RWTH and KIT universities, he wanted to continue working on computer vision technology and its applications:

“Since there were no companies around that were leveraging this technology in the domains of mapping and localization, I asked my wife if she’d be okay with me trying to build one myself.”

The rest is company history:

Founded in 2014, atlatec now has 40 employees between our headquarter in Germany and our offices in Japan and the USA. We are proud to count leading automotive OEMs and Tier1 suppliers as our customers.


our customers

why people choose atlatec

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Focus on technology

atlatec was founded in 2014 - and it took 6 years for us to hire the first person with the word "Marketing" on their business card.

Since day one, we have focused on building technology that works - convinced that a job well done is the best advertising there is.

We have mapped thousands of kilometers of public highways, urban and rural roads; continuously optimizing our hard- and software for better results and faster delivery.

Focus on customers

As we are entirely revenue-funded, our priorities are clear: The number one goal in any atlatec project is to make our technology work for you.

The field of HD maps is still young, and established industry standards rare. We offer all the integration support you need to make our data useful in your context and toolchain: Our developers and operations engineers are personally available to assist with any questions or requests for help.

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Focus on work

We employ human beings with great skillsets - and we allow them the freedom to bring all of their personality and expertise to work.

At atlatec, employees aren't reduced to a role: Everyone is free to develop their job as it makes sense for them and our customers.

This way, we retain the flexibility to embrace our clients' individual needs while also providing a fulfilling work experience, thereby keeping creativity and innovation high.

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Focus on scale

We can map almost any route on the globe and operate from small to massive scale:

Our approach to mapping replaces expensive hardware and survey vans with vehicle-independent, easy-to-use sensor pods - and a high performance data processing pipeline.

This allows us to equip a data acquisition fleet of almost any size by using cheap rental/leasing cars and contracting drivers when and where they are needed.

If you are interested in becoming a part of our future, please visit our career page for more info on working at atlatec. We look forward to getting to know you!

the atlatec leadership team

Dr.Henning Lategahn

Founder & CEO

Dr. Julius Ziegler
Dr. Philipp Crocoll

where to find us

atlatec North America Inc.

Ann Arbor

Lower Level Ann Arbor 330 East Liberty Ann Arbor, MI 48104 USA

atlatec Gmbh - Headquarters


Haid-und-Neu-Straße 7, 76131 Karlsruhe, Germany

atlatec Japan KK


1-4-11-1924 Ariake Koto-Ku, Tokyo,
1350063 Japan

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