High Definition Maps for Autonomous
Driving and Simulation

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Maps for Autonomous Driving Operations

atlatec HD maps allow for inch-perfect localization and navigation of your AV - both on public roads and in geofenced areas.

Maps for Simulation

Prepare your ADAS features and autonomous vehicles for the complexity of the real world by testing on our highly precise digital twins of real-world roads.

Scenarios for Simulation

Optimize your ADAS/AV tech for real traffic by using atlatec's real-world scenario data for simulation.

Maps for Systems & Sensor Testing

Use atlatec HD maps with features such as lane borders, traffic signs and more as ground truth/reference data when validating your sensors and perception systems.

Maps for AV/ADAS Production Systems

Enhance the performance and safety of your L2+/L3 or AV features by using atlatec HD maps for localization and navigation of your fleet.

global coverage at any scale

We deliver highly accurate and customized HD maps for small and large projects almost anywhere in the world – both as one-time projects and with optional updates/map maintenance.


Supporting precise localization and navigation: Lane geometry and road furniture in atlatec HD maps are annotated with map-relative accuracy of 5cm or less.


Map traffic lights, signs, guard rails and more? Or just lane borders and speed limit information? With atlatec HD maps, you decide what best suits your needs.

flexible annotation atlatec

Highway networks for the USA, EU and Japan plus primary - tertiary roads as required: atlatec provides HD map coverage all over the world.


The combination of our unique hardware and software technology allows us to acquire data globally and to deliver maps at any scale with a high degree of efficiency.

High Definition Maps for Autonomous Driving and Simulation

Keep atlatec HD maps up-to-date with the atlatec map cloud: We provide the necessary map maintenance capacities to update your map when changes to the road environment require it.

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